Cloud Cost Optimization

Organizations often spend more on cloud than they should. They are surprised to find their actual cloud spend consistently exceeds expectations. This overage is likely due to the sprawl of unmanaged resources and improper architectures – not much different from their on-prem environment. An often-underplayed fact is that cloud costs can be complex and time-consuming to manage across an organization. Atlas Arc brings the visibility and intelligence to help you lower costs, maintain security and compliance and optimize resources.
Are you already on AWS cloud but the cost is too high?
Atlas Arc has the right tools and processes to keep the cloud costs under control. Whether it’s monitoring, data-driven management, alternative AWS instance types or advanced automation – we’ve done it for our customers.
  • Capacity Planning and Instance Right-Sizing
  • Cost Monitoring and Analytics
  • Automation for Cost-Effective Scalability
  • Reserved Instance Purchasing
  • The right use of Spot Instance